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Hello! My name is Gary Walkden and I'm an author of novels, and a songwriter of... well, songs.


My most recent novel is 'The Memory Engine', a light-hearted science-fiction story with a focus on VR/AR, and revisiting past memories through advanced technology.

My most recent album is 'Amalgam', a compilation of twenty-four songs written and recorded between 1998 and 2011.


I was born in England in 1980, and grew up listening to music by The Beatles and reading books by Roald Dahl - so far, so cliche.

I started writing songs in my late-teens and began recording them at home before starting a band called 'Kinago' with like-minded musicians.


I began writing novels in my mid-twenties after having a history of penning a number of short stories. My first novel, Kinesis, was published in 2012 under the pen name, Ethan Spier. It has since been downloaded over 100,000 times around the world.

Two sequels (The Kinetic and Corona) were published in the subsequent years, as well as a standalone thriller called Kaleidoscope.



'Amalgam' - a compilation of songs written and recorded between 1998 and 2011

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