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To live, is to re-live…

The Memory Engine – a device which allows you to explore past locations and events through the amalgamated memories of people who were actually present at the time. Revisit your past within computer-generated, photo-realistic reconstructions, all from within an advanced virtual reality headset.

That’s all well and good, but when Evan Turner is asked to test the Memory Engine before its official release, his life begins to fall apart. He could probably deal with that… if it wasn’t for his own ineptitude and social awkwardness that is.

After a series of bizarre attacks on a huge virtual world known as ‘Opalia’, Evan is forced to use the Memory Engine and explore the past in hope of bringing the perpetrators to justice.

But could relying on memories prove to be a mistake?

The Memory Engine - Audiobook - outline.

Revenge will change you...

When Lewis Foster returns home from a three month trip around the world, he is devastated to discover that his childhood friend has been brutally murdered. He learns that her neighbour has been arrested after incriminating evidence is discovered, but Lewis can’t shake the feeling that everything isn’t as straight forward as it appears.

Joseph Hellam, a respected local businessman and philanthropist, hides a darker side; he is a sadistic sociopath who uses his public image as a cover for his criminal passions – drugs, prostitution and a horrific new venture which feeds his cravings for violence, torture and murder.

As the separate lives of Lewis and Hellam gradually entwine, it becomes apparent that one of them is heading for destruction.

Kaleidoscope is a story of revenge and retribution with a shocking finale which will leave you questioning everything.

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When two men break into Leonard Samson’s house, beat him unconscious and murder his six-year-old son, the police arrive to a gruesome scene. But they are shocked to find the mutilated bodies of the two intruders in the front room of Leonard’s home, while he waits in the kitchen with the surviving members of his family.

Clarissa Chapman is a DCI of Psychokinetic Investigations - a new area of police work - instigated after the first genuine case of psychokinesis was discovered some fifteen years earlier. The Samson case is brought to her attention due to the strange way in which the two intruders were killed. She suspects Leonard Samson is a Kinetic.

All Kinetics are blessed with a gift to move objects with only the power of their mind. But it is also a horrific curse. Within a few years of discovering their ability, they gradually develop violent insanity, and for this reason are locked away in specially designed prisons for the benefit of public safety.

After discovering that the authorities suspect him of being a Kinetic, Leonard Samson runs, unaware that the police are not the only ones pursuing him.

As the days pass by, Clarissa becomes increasingly concerned that certain aspects of the Samson case do not add up..

Kinesis V7 5th Edition ACX V2.jpg


A killing spree.
A dormant serial killer.
A reclusive organisation.

Kinetics are everywhere...


Holly Samson is studying at a college in Lakebridge when a killing spree forces her to face the fact that she is a Kinetic.

Clarissa Chapman, now a superintendent of psychokinetic investigations, finds herself caught between the desperate hunt for a Kinetic serial killer and a search for the truth behind the ability.

With the help of a former colleague, and a man who has a remarkable grasp of the ability, Clarissa realises that Holly is becoming increasingly important in the search for where the origins lie.

As the hunt for truth begins to unearth answers, more questions arise, and the realisation slowly dawns that Kinetics are far more dangerous than anyone had previously feared.

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SAFEGUARD (a short story)

Michael Sage is alone. He's been alone for a long time. But that is the way he wants it; that is why he chose the job.

Living on a secluded moon in a remote sector of the galaxy at the behest of a huge corporation is a quiet existence for Michael. But when an unexpected visitor arrives with shocking news, his world is thrown into turmoil.

Safeguard Cover Large ACX.jpg
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