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The Memory Engine Pre-Order Now Live

I've just discovered that as it turns out, putting up the pre-order pages for the eBook versions of The Memory Engine is pretty nice, but also a little anxiety inducing. It means I have a deadline now which isn't a nice thing to have I suppose. Nevertheless, I'm sure I'll meet it. The final version of the book is pretty much finished and I'm just tidying up a few sections now as well as repeatedly reading the manuscript to remove any of the smaller errors that I might have missed before.

It's the home-straight so I'll try to look on the bright side (life is good). This home-straight thing is all well and good but now I face the unfortunate problem of marketing.

Marketing is the single biggest problem I have with any of the books I've written. I'm simply rubbish at marketing and have almost zero clue of how to do it effectively. I have a Twitter account - is that enough? Obviously not, and using your Twitter account to endlessly bang on about the book you've written is just going to piss everyone off (including myself).

But I'll have a think about that - it's not for you to worry about. In the mean time, here's the links to pre-order The Memory Engine for your eReader of choice! Not to forget the paperback will also be available around the time of the digital release.



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