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'Amalgam' an album of songs 1998-2011

When I was an angsty teen in the 90s, I started to write and record songs. I then started a band called 'Kinago' and played some of these songs live. But most of them were recorded at home and were only really heard by a handful of people.

I have recently decided to release an album of some of these songs - my favourites - on streaming services. I chose to call the album 'Amalgam', and you can listen to it now on all major streaming services.

Listening back to some of these songs can be embarrassing in places - the lyrics highlight certain bewilderment and naivety, while also obviously attempting to appear to be something more than my twenty-year-old mind was actually capable of (some things never change).

I'm still very proud of some of the songs, while others are included only because they have personal significance. Either way, I'm presenting this album as a raw take - a snapshot of what I have written and recorded over the years. It's not always good, but it's there anyway.

(The drawing on the cover is of my cat, Clive, who passed away last year)



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